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Friday, February 13, 2015

How to protect yourself from the scammers

How to protect yourself from the scammers

Friday, January 16, 2015

10 Animals That Can Predict Disasters

Anecdotal evidence has long suggested that certain animals can predict natural disasters, detect disease and more, and now science is proving many of these stories to be correct.
Close observation of such animals could even help people to plan well in advance of coming problems, suggests a new paper in the latest issue of the journal Current Biology.
Henry Streby of the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues discovered that golden-winged warblers take off from their expected locations more than 24 hours before storms hit. In this case, the storm in question produced tornadoes that killed at least 35 people.
"The most curious finding is that the birds left long before the storm arrived," said Streby. "At the same time that meteorologists on The Weather Channel were telling us this storm was headed in our direction, the birds were apparently already packing their bags and evacuating the area."
Video: Can Animals Predict an Earthquake?

Henry Streby and Gunnar Kramer
Dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with 98 percent accuracy, found a study earlier this year that was presented at the 109th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association.
Dogs have about 200 million olfactory cells in their noses, versus only 5 million in the human nose. Their keen sense of smell helps to explain the cancer-detecting feat.
Yet another study on dogs found that they can smell -- through a person's breath or sweat -- whether or not a diabetic person has high or low blood sugar.
Dogs Sniff Out Disease
 After the 2011 magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan, Hiroyuki Yamauchi of National Tsing Hua University and colleagues conducted a survey on how cats reacted ahead of the quake.
The survey found that six or more days before the devastating earthquake, some cats engaged in unusual behaviors and became more stressed out. Felines began "trembling, being restless and escaping." Still other cats, immediately prior to the quake, became just as agitated.
The researchers believe that cats may sense quakes ahead of time because they have a wider range of hearing than humans. They also might be able to detect changes in atmospheric pressure, gravity and ground deformation.
Do Animals have a 'Sixth Sense' About Earthquakes

Yamauchi and colleagues also found that cows behaved differently several days before the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan. Specifically, cows "showed lowered milk production six days before the earthquake," they reported. The decrease in milk yield continued for another four days.
Owners also reported that their dogs were agitated in the days before the quake. Dogs would howl and bark in ways not typical of their normal behavior.
Cows With Names Make More Milk

Have you ever noticed that bees are nowhere in sight before it rains? They sense moisture changes in the atmosphere, causing them to take shelter in their hives before downpours begin.
6 Things You Might Not Know About Bees
 If you notice ladybugs bunching together, there's a good chance that super hot weather is on the way. They gather to preserve their body moisture, safeguarding against drying out. 
 preserve their body moisture, safeguarding against drying out.
Gilles San Martin, Wikimedia Commons
So far, the animals on this list have all displayed stress or a desire to run away ahead of natural disasters. Sharks are just the opposite. They seem to be the ultimate storm chasers.
Neil Hammerschlag of The R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami found this out after tagging sharks, such as tiger sharks. They and other shark species gravitate to rapid temperature changes, which is exactly where storms usually intensify. Monitoring shark movements can help to predict where storms will emerge and develop.
From Shy to Social, Each Shark Has Its Own Personality
Like dogs, fruit flies can smell cancer even when it affects only a small number of cells. In fact, they can sniff out cancer cells from healthy ones using their sense of smell alone, according to a study conducted earlier this year by Alja Lüdke and colleagues at the University of Konstanz.
The study focused on different types of breast cancer, but it is likely that fruit flies can detect other types of cancer too.
"As not only cancer cells can be distinguished from healthy cells, but also subgroups were discernible within the cancer cells, it seems that even different types of breast cancer cells can be differentiated via the antenna of Drosophila (fruit flies)," Lüdke explained to ScienceDaily.
Clearly medical experts do not plan to have dogs or fruit flies sniffing around in examination rooms. Instead, scientists are hoping to create high tech pre-screening devices inspired by the detection methods of dogs and fruit flies.
 Silvertip grizzly bears have an amazing sense of smell, such that they can sniff out a human that is 18 miles away. The same olfactory prowess, combined with other sensory abilities, likely allows them to detect incoming storms and possibly other natural disasters. They could probably smell cancer too, but running studies on these formidable carnivores would pose challenges.

 Humans have super sensory detective powers too, such as bat-like echolocation that could be used to predict any number of natural disasters.
Usually such skills are more developed in people who meditate or who have disabilities, such as blindness, which causes the brain to tap into seemingly hidden abilities. A study on the phenomenon was published in the journal PLOS ONE.
Mel Goodale, Canada Research Chair in Visual Neuroscience, and Director of the Center for Brain and Mind, said in a press release, "It is clear echolocation enables blind people to do things otherwise thought to be impossible without vision and can provide blind and visually-impaired people with a high degree of independence."
It stands to reason that our senses might also pick up cues given off by earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters before they fully strike.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Get Paid Every Day for Writing About What Interests You

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         So if those don’t work, then how can you make quick cash in a day?
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So if you are interested in weight loss, just join all the health and fitness forums and get paid to post in them!
           Again, the pay isn’t the greatest, but if you are in need of some quick cash for some reason, I can’t think of a better way than using PostLoop to post on forums.
You can also write articles using a site called iWriter or SpinRewriter, but we will save that for next article.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This?…

There has only been one other time in history when the price of oil has crashed by more than 40 dollars in less than 6 months.  The last time this happened was during the second half of 2008, and the beginning of that oil price crash preceded the great financial collapse that happened later that year by several months.  Well, now it is happening again, but this time the stakes are even higher.  When the price of oil falls dramatically, that is a sign that economic activity is slowing down.  It can also have a tremendously destabilizing affect on financial markets.  As you will read about below, energy companies now account for approximately 20 percent of the junk bond market.  And a junk bond implosion is usually a signal that a major stock market crash is on the way.  So if you are looking for a “canary in the coal mine”, keep your eye on the performance of energy junk bonds.  If they begin to collapse, that is a sign that all hell is about to break loose on Wall Street.
It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the shale oil boom to the U.S. economy.  Thanks to this boom, the United States has become the largest oil producer on the entire planet.
Yes, the U.S. now actually produces more oil than either Saudi Arabia or Russia.  This “revolution” has resulted in the creation of  millions of jobs since the last recession, and it has been one of the key factors that has kept the percentage of Americans that are employed fairly stable.
Unfortunately, the shale oil boom is coming to an abrupt end.  As a recent Vox article discussed, OPEC has essentially declared a price war on U.S. shale oil producers…
For all intents and purposes, OPEC is now engaged in a “price war” with the United States. What that means is that it’s very cheap to pump oil out of places like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. But it’s more expensive to extract oil from shale formations in places like Texas and North Dakota. So as the price of oil keeps falling, some US producers may become unprofitable and go out of business. The result? Oil prices will stabilize and OPEC maintains its market share.
If the price of oil stays at this level or continues falling, we will see a significant number of U.S. shale oil companies go out of business and large numbers of jobs will be lost.  The Saudis know how to play hardball, and they are absolutely ruthless.  In fact, we have seen this kind of scenario happen before
Robert McNally, a White House adviser to former President George W. Bush and president of the Rapidan Group energy consultancy, told Reuters that Saudi Arabia “will accept a price decline necessary to sweat whatever supply cuts are needed to balance the market out of the US shale oil sector.” Even legendary oil man T. Boone Pickens believes Saudi Arabia is in a stand-off with US drillers and frackers to “see how the shale boys are going to stand up to a cheaper price.” This has happened once before. By the mid-1980’s, as oil output from Alaska’s North Slope and the North Sea came on line (combined production of around 5-6 million barrels a day), OPEC set off a price war to compete for market share. As a result, the price of oil sank from around $40 to just under $10 a barrel by 1986.
But the energy sector has been one of the only bright spots for the U.S. economy in recent years.  If this sector starts collapsing, it is going to have a dramatic negative impact on our economic outlook.  For example, just consider the following numbers from a recent Business Insider article
Specifically, if prices get too low, then energy companies won’t be able to cover the cost of production in the US. This spending by energy companies, also known as capital expenditures, is responsible for a lot of jobs.
“The Energy sector accounts for roughly one-third of S&P 500 capex and nearly 25% of combined capex and R&D spending,” Goldman Sachs’ Amanda Sneider writes.
Even more troubling is what this could mean for the financial markets.
As I mentioned above, energy companies now account for close to 20 percent of the entire junk bond market.  As those companies start to fail and those bonds start to go bad, that is going to hit our major banks really hard
Everyone could suffer if the collapse triggers a wave of defaults through the high-yield debt market, and in turn, hits stocks. The first to fall: the banks that were last hit by the housing crisis.
Why could that happen?
Well, energy companies make up anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of all U.S. junk debt, according to various sources.
It would be hard to overstate the seriousness of what the markets could potentially be facing.
One analyst summed it up to CNBC this way
This is the one thing I’ve seen over and over again,” said Larry McDonald, head of U.S strategy at Newedge USA’s macro group. “When high yield underperforms equity, a major credit event occurs. It’s the canary in the coal mine.
The last time junk bonds collapsed, a major stock market crash followed fairly rapidly.
And those that were hardest hit were the big Wall Street banks
During the last high-yield collapse, which centered around debt tied to the housing sector, Citigroup lost 63 percent of its value in the following 60 days, Kensho shows. Bank of America was cut in half.
I understand that some of this information is too technical for a lot of people, but the bottom line is this…
Watch junk bonds.  When they start crashing it is a sign that a major stock market collapse is right at the door.
At this point, even the mainstream media is warning about this.  Just consider the following excerpt from a recent CNN article
That swing away from junk bonds often happens shortly before stock market downturns.
“High yield does provide useful sell signals to equity investors,” Barclays analysts concluded in a recent report.
Barclays combed through the past dozen years of data. The warning signal they found is a 30% or greater increase in the spread between Treasuries and junk bonds before a dip.
If you have been waiting for the next major financial collapse, what you have just read in this article indicates that it is now closer than it has ever been.
Over the coming weeks, keep your eye on the price of oil, keep your eye on the junk bond market and keep your eye on the big banks.
Trouble is brewing, and nobody is quite sure exactly what comes next.
Will The Stock Market Crash In 27 Days?
This little-known market timing indicator just gave an unmistakable signal of where the market is headed next!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Could your milk mustache give you cancer?

Could your milk mustache give you cancer?

You can lead researchers to a conclusion, but I guess you can't make them think.

One new study puts the finger on milk as a major cause of several types of deadly cancers -- only the researchers don't quite see it that way.

The study finds that lactose intolerant folks have a lower risk of breast, ovarian, and lung cancers. Lactose intolerant people have one thing in common: They don't drink milk or eat dairy products.

You see where this is going, right?

Well, these researchers sure don't. Maybe they're afraid of the powerful dairy industry, or maybe they really don't see what's right in front of them. Whatever the reason, they refuse to blame dairy for increasing the risk of cancer.

That's just ridiculous, because milk has been linked to these forms of cancer before as well as other cancers such as prostate cancer, and there's a pretty good reason for it.

Cow's milk does what it was designed to do for BABY COWS: it helps them to grow. Specifically, it does so by boosting levels of insulin-like growth factor-1, aka IGF-1.

You're not a calf, but milk will have that same effect on you. And excess IGF-1 in humans is known to promote cancers of the breast, lung and prostate, among others.

The damage of a "milk mustache" doesn't end there. As I told you just last week, women who drink milk have a higher risk of broken bones -- and men and women who down moo juice are more likely to die early.

Milk has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease and more -- and these links continue to pop up consistently even in people who drink low-fat milk because they believe it's healthier.

Clearly, the only healthy milk is no milk at all.

Now, the trick is giving it up. This is an adjustment for most people, but one that's a lot easier to make than it may seem. These days, you'll find a wide range of milk substitutes that not only taste great, but also offer health benefits.

Nut milks, hemp milk and coconut milk will all give your body healthy minerals and fats without the risks.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

7 Cures for Ebola Virus


There are approximately 6 to 7 cures for Ebola that are not being publicized by the media. Here is my list:

1. Intravenous Vitamin C : Ebola can't be treated with drugs - Dr. Wright

  a.  Vitamin C Foundation
  b. Vitamin C Foundation: Ebola

2. Ebola Virus XENEX UltraVioletLight Robot

3. Colloidal Silver has also been effective according to the governments of the 3 countries most effected by Ebola but the WHO has restricted shipments of colloidal silver to these countries.

4. The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media

 5. Electromagnetic Frequency Generators to vibrate microbe to death at its own resonant frequency :

a. The other cure is a current version of Dr. Royal Rife's EMF zapper,Rife Medicine,such as the GB-4000, that vibrates any microbe to death on its own resonant frequency,
b. : How Intranasal Light Therapy Works

c. The Russians have developed COSMODIS and Scenar devices are available:
Scenar and COSMODIS Devices Researched for you.

   a. Kill Viruses by Shaking them to death at their own resonant Frequency
   b. COSMODIS and SCENAR devices: Scenar and COSMODIS Devices Researched for you.

   c. The GB-4000

   d. Rife Medicine

6. Or drinking 3 gallons of sodium bicarbonate and water a day with folic acid and your body will be so alkaline,Ebola cannot survive. Dr. Simoncini,from Italy, has shown how this has been done to cure cancer and why it would be effective Ebola

7. The most powerful disinfectant known to man costs around $100 to $500 per unit (depending on size).
Its 3000 times more powerful then chlorine and hundreds of times more powerful then UV.
Its already used to sterilize sewage water in many US counties, units are portable and you can purchase them online.
Lookup- Corona discharge Ozone Generator:    And yes it kills Ebola and any any other virus or bacteria that exist.

   I have sent this same message to Martha Coakley's campaign and Attorney General's office,to Senator Warren's office,to Senator Markey's office, to Rep. Katherine Clark [D]and to the Boston Police Commissioner,the Mayor of Boston,the Boston Emergency medical Service and the Massachusetts Nurses Association
  Thank you for your cooperation,
   William H. Stewart
   Belmont,Mass. 02478

Former resident of Boston from 1980- Sept. 1990.

God Bless You,

                   Will Stewart
7 Cures for Ebola Updates
Please refer to  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Russia taking McDonald's to court, threatens countrywide shutdown

(NaturalNews) The scary-looking clown named Ronald McDonald and his minions are going to court.

Russia, which has already denounced genetically modified food earlier this year, is now taking McDonald's to court. A Moscow court recently announced that the fast food chain has violated Russia's nutrition and safety codes for many of its burger and ice cream products.

The case is set to be heard at Tverskoi District Court. Russian health officials are already threatening to place a temporary ban on McDonald's ice cream, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, and Filet-O-Fish and chicken sandwiches. A hearing is scheduled for August 13.

Safety of the entire McDonald's fast food chain called into question by Russian health officials

The Interfax news agency reported that Russia's consumer protection agency has identified several product quality violations that have called into question the safety and integrity of the entire McDonald's food chain. The McDonald's products under question contain more fats and carbohydrates than are allowed by Russia's health-conscious regulations.

Inspections at two McDonald's restaurants in Novgorod found that caloric values of milk shakes, fish sandwiches and Royal Cheeseburgers (the Russian equivalent of Quarter Pounders) exceeded safety standards, harboring two to three times more calories per serving than legally allowed.

This means that the court could temporarily shut down all of McDonald's operations in Russia. A spokesperson for the Tverskoi District Court, Yekaterina Korotova, didn't comment on the matter but relayed that the consumer protection agency is demanding that the court "halt McDonald's illegal activity."

Will Russia push McDonald's out of their country for good?

Big Mac bun is nothing close to real bread

While calorie, fat and carbohydrate levels of McDonald's food measure through the roof, it's what the food is made out of that should be most troubling to consumers.

For example, a Big Mac bun is not real bread but, instead, a mixture of bleached wheat, malted barley flour, thiamin mononitrate and fake vitamin enrichments. This enriched flour is mixed with the biotech industry's usual flavor science of high-fructose corn syrup and soybean and canola oil. A couple of ammonia compounds like ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride are added along with dangerous conditioners like azodicarbonamide, which is outlawed in some countries. McDonald's also preserves its buns using sorbic acid, calcium propionate and sodium propionate, while conditioning the dough further by using ingredients like sodium stearoyl lactylate, DATEM and mono- and diglycerides. To finish it off, the bread concoction is riddled with salt, sugar, wheat gluten and soy lecithin.

And this is only the McDonald's buns.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Lance Johnson is a passionate learner, researcher, writer, and entre-health-leader. He and his wife have launched a clean products movement from the ground up at

The Johnson's are inspired by natural healing and the lifestyle changes that have awoken their spirit and given them quality of life.

Stay updated and discuss ideas exclusively with Lance on their FB community page at